Birdhouse Cookies

I love making these one dimensional birdhouse cookies.  They are easy and fun to do.  To make them you will need to roll out cookie dough and cut the shapes with a template.  A very good Roll Out Sugar Cookie Recipe can be found here

To make the template, I used this pattern.


Using an edible marker, trace the design onto a piece of acetate and cut along the lines.  To make the hole in the center, I used the wide bottom of a pastry tip (about 3/4 of an inch).

And you will need Royal Icing, also found at the same link as the cookie recipe (scroll down to the bottom).  Most of the icing should be a 6-10 second flood consistency.  You can learn about icing consistency here.

I used either a tip 2 or 3 for the flooding and a tip 1 for the gold details.

Colors used were Americolor Brand Violet, Lemon Yellow, Pink, and Gold.