Kangoo Jumps

If you ask me what my 3 favorite items are I would say my GoPro, my Vitamix, and Kangoo Jumps.  They are rebound spring action shoes and I use them for running more than my Nike Flyknits.  They are also referred to as jump shoes, anti-gravity shoes, bounce shoes, moon shoes and many more very cool names.  Kangoo Jumps were originally developed in Switzerland for use as a rehabilitative shoe for patients who had knee and joint problems.

Today, the boots are used mostly for exercise purposes. If you are a runner, they offer a challenging run that is easy on your knees and joints.  Many fitness centers and gyms offer  group fitness classes on rebound shoes that include dance, Zumba style jump classes, and  kickboxing classes.  Regardless of what exercise you use them for, they are very fun to use and according to the manufacturer, they burn 30-50% more calories.  In addition, they are a plyometric exercise so they are fat burning and provide other benefits as well.

Are they hard to get used to? It only took me, a self described klutz, 5-10 minutes to be able to walk, run, and do basic fitness moves in them. It took me longer than that to learn how to operate a Segway.  Once you are very comfortable doing the basic moves, you can move on to high jumps and splits. The sole is slightly wider than the boot so balancing on them is not a big problem, unless you already have balance issues such as vertigo.

Are they easier to run in? Yes and no.  They are low-impact on your knees, joints, and back because of the spring action.  So it’s easier for that.  But, it takes more energy to run with them.

Can you run faster? You would think that would be the case by looking at them but the answer is no. My running time on KJ’s is slower than with my regular running shoes. Each boot weights about 3 pounds so you’re running with 6 extra pounds.  This is better for fat burning,  muscle tone, and endurance.  Running 2 miles in Kangoo Jumps is equal to running 4 miles in my Nike Flyknits and you really feel it in your leg muscles when running up hills.  It’s advisable to take it slow at first.

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