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Santa Gingerbread Cookies

It was six years ago that I debuted these Santa Gingerbread Cookies on this blog.  You can find it at Santa Baby and here is the picture from back then.  These cookies have evolved slightly with the holly on the hat.

To make the hats, I used the below picture to make the template

Star Gingerbread Cookies

Star Gingerbread Cookies
What a beautiful and easy way to make holiday cookies.

Made with Best Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Halloween Cookies

Every year I try to come up with new ideas for all of my holiday cookies.  These cookies were made using my White Chocolate Roll Out Sugar Cookies  

For the skull and witch’s hat cookies I used  cookie cutters that I found in AC Moore.  The cat silhouettes were made using a plastic template that I made from these pictrures. Check out my Birdhouse Cookies to see how I make templates


I used the below picture as a decorating guide for the skulls







Patriotic Peace Cookies

July 4th Cookies
I wanted to make some patriotic cookies for July 4th, Independence Day.  With my new job this year, time was short but I managed to quickly get them done

I used this picture to make a template

Check out my Birdhouse Cookies to learn how I make them.
The cookies are made using my Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Flower Silhouette Decorated Cookie

Flower Silhouette Decorated Cookie
Now that I’m working part-time, 24 hours per week, I have more time to make cookie decorating videos.  This cookie was made with leftover icing from a previous cookie project

To learn how to make cookie templates, see my Birdhouse Cookie link.  I used the below picture.


Owl Silhouette Decorated Cookie

Owl Silhouette Decorated Cookie
It didn’t take much time or work to make this cookie.  Check out my Birdhouse Cookie link to learn how to make templates.  I used the below image:


Peace/Love Sunglasses Decorated Cookies

Decorated Cookies
Summer is just around the corner and who wouldn’t love these cool sunglasses?  I used a sunglasses cookie cutter and designed my own Peace and Love graffiti on a plastic template.

To learn how I make templates and all about icing consistency check out my Birdhouse Cookies

Decorated Heart Cookies

Decorated Heart Cookies

It’s Valentine’s Day and this year I have a few new heart cookie ideas using Best Gingerbread Cookies.  In the video above, I show you how I make the red cookie glaze.  Also check out my Birdhouse Cookies for more how-to’s of cookie decorating.

Nike Gingerbread Man Cookies

Nike Gingerbread Man Cookies
A nice twist to your traditional gingerbread man cookies.  Perfect for someone who is athletic, works in the fitness industry, or just loves working out.

You can find my Best Gingerbread Cookie Recipe here
Learn how I make templates here


Krav Maga Gingerbread Cookies

Krav Maga Cookies. This is a quick video of how I decorated these cookies. I used a template (see here for how to make one) for these cookies.  My Gingerbread Cookie recipe is here