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Halloween Cookies

Every year I try to come up with new ideas for all of my holiday cookies.  These cookies were made using my White Chocolate Roll Out Sugar Cookies  

For the skull and witch’s hat cookies I used  cookie cutters that I found in AC Moore.  The cat silhouettes were made using a plastic template that I made from these pictrures. Check out my Birdhouse Cookies to see how I make templates


I used the below picture as a decorating guide for the skulls







Pennywise the Clown Decorated Cookies

Pennywise the Clown Decorated Cookies.

I thought I’d try something different for my Halloween cookies this year.  Rather than do the normal witches, vampires, skeletons, pumpkins, etc; I wanted to do something a little different.  The creepy clowns.  I succeeded fairly well with Pennywise, from Stephen King’s Novel called It.  My Twisty the Clown cookies, from American Horror Story, turned into a diseaster so they didn’t make the video.  That’s too bad because Twisty is my favorite creepy clown.

I made the templates by downloading a picture of Pennywise from Google and traced the picture and all of the details onto a piece of acetate using an edible pen.  For more on how I make templates check out my Birdhouse Cookies and to learn how to transfer the details onto the cookie check out my Krav Maga Belt Testing Cookies where I show you how to do that.

What am I mixing in the video?  To make the teeth look rotted, I mixed together a few drops of vodka with brown gel paste color and painted it on the teeth with a small brush.

I made these using a basic rolled out sugar cookie.   Recipe here

Also check the archives of this site for previous years Halloween cakes and cookies.

Halloween Mask Cookies

Halloween is almost here and these cookies will impress.  A lot of you ask me how I come up with ideas and for the mask cookies above, I was inspired by this mask I saw at Michael’s Craft store.


To learn how to make the templates and icing take a look at my Birdhouse Cookies.

For the mask, this is the picture I used.


Learn how to make a rose at Wilton Cake Decorating  This takes some practice and the icing consistency must be right.  It should be stiff enough that the rose will not lose its shape but thin enough to easily flow out of the tip.

For the pumpkin, I used a basic cookie cutter that I had on hand and drew on the mask freehand.


Fall is Around the Corner

This year summer took me for a fast ride. I was unexpectedly busy with relatives visiting, vacations, spending so many nice days outdoors and baking less. Now that September is here the holidays pop up and I get my baking groove back. Even with a scheduled 10 day cruise coming up in November, I’ve already started. Here are some Halloween cookies I made with leftover cookie dough.



In addition, I’m already planning some new baking tutorials to post here.  Some will be healthier clean eating treats and others will not.  See you real soon.


Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing