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Homemade Organic Brown Sugar!


Hey everyone!

Organic food can be pricey so when you have a recipe that calls for light or dark brown sugar and you already have organic sugar, there is no need to go out a buy a separate box of it.  It’s very easy to make yourself.  Here’s why.

Regular brown sugar is made of white processed granulated sugar with molasses added in.   Molasses comes from sugar cane and it’s stripped out of white sugar during the processing phase.  So, to make regular brown sugar – manufacturers just add molasses back into it.

Organic sugar is made from the juice of sugar cane and then crystalized.  The molasses is never stripped out and that is why it is an off-white (almost brownish) color.  However, it’s not enough molasses to make it into the brown sugar recipes call for, so we need to add more molasses into it.  How much molasses will depend on how dark you want it.  Keep in mind that because there already is some molasses in organic sugar, you won’t need to add as much as you would with regular white sugar.  Here are some guidelines:

1 cup organic sugar to 1 tablespoon black strap organic molasses for light brown sugar.
1 cup organic sugar to 1/4 cup black strap organic molasses for dark brown sugar.

Mix together well.  You might need to adjust the amount of molasses based on your own preference.

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