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Patriotic Peace Cookies

July 4th Cookies
I wanted to make some patriotic cookies for July 4th, Independence Day.  With my new job this year, time was short but I managed to quickly get them done

I used this picture to make a template

Check out my Birdhouse Cookies to learn how I make them.
The cookies are made using my Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Patriotic Butterfly Gingerbread Cookies

These easy to make patriotic butterfly cookies are cute and impressive.  I made them freestyle, without using a template.  For the best gingerbread cookies, check out my recipe here

I use a scribe to even out the wet icing and to do the wet-on-wet technique.  If you don’t have one you can use a toothpick or a clean straight pin.

Easy To Make Patriotic Cookies

Independence Day is coming up and these cute patriotic cookies are very easy to make.  To learn how to make the templates for these cookies go see my Birdhouse Cookies post.

The only cookie cutter I used was a heart shaped one.  I used were Wilton’s white non-pareils to represent the stars and red sanding sugar on the hat and heart.  As I said in the video, make sure the icing is completely dry (usually 8-12 hours) before moving onto the next step.

Also, once the red sugar sanded icing dries completely, remove any excess sugar that isn’t sticking where it should be.  I use a small, clean brush to wipe away the excess.  This is an important step and should not be skipped because a few loose grains of red sugar will bleed into the white icing.

For the heart cookie: after cutting the dough, prior to baking, I punctured two holes evenly along the top with a skewer.  Then baked the cookies.  At the end of the video, you’ll see that I tied a ribbon through the holes.  When decorating with icing, try to keep the holes clean from icing.

I used the following pictures as a guide.  Enlarge as needed.


4th of July Sandals






Patriotic Cookies

Memorial Day is widely known as the unofficial start of summer but the true meaning brings out patriotism in many Americans.  To make these cookies, I used an old Wilton flower shaped cookie cutter.

The Uncle Sam hats were made from a stencil.  I used this pictures for inspiration:

After printing out the picture, I traced it onto heavy paper stock and cut out.  Manila file folders work great.  Then place on top of rolled out cookie dough and cut out shape with a paring knife.

I would have liked to use mini star decorations instead of the non-pareils but Michaels nor AC Moore had any in stock and I didn’t have time to order them.